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we will be showing in Hugo on May 30th. We will show HUNTERS and JUMPERS only. No Dressage this year.

Hunters are Crossrails 18" to verticals 2'9" Each rider will show 2 courses and a flat class. There is also a warm up class that I highly suggest riding in to help your horse learn the new jumps. I also encourage each rider to show in the warm up of the next level up. 4-5 classes total.

18" round (for flat you have option of walk/trot or Walk/trot/Canter)

2ft round

2'3-2'6 round

2'6"-2'9" round

let's begin practicing for your round. You should show 1 level below what you can jump at home.

Jumpers are puddle jumpers 18" to level 3 jumpers 3'6". Form of horse and rider is of no concern here, however, safety is our number one concern. Jumps are more colorful and there is an embankment jump. Let me know what level and let's begin our practicing of that height.

Cost: Classes are approx $20/class if you are hiring a rider- add their fee to each class. Trainer fee for the day is $45, Transport fee is to be determined but it's approx 60 miles. There is also an entry fee for the day.

Attire: This is a schooling show. You may wear full garb- meaning shirt, suit coat, beige breeches, tall boots, belt, hair net, gloves and helmet OR you may wear a polo, boots, belt, half chaps. I am getting hunter green polos made with our logo, let me know if you are interested.

There will be a sign up in the barn this week. PLEASE text me with any questions.

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