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Lesson Pricing

Growing Together

Pricing Updated April 25, 2023


  • Single Private Lesson (Adult): $70

  • Single Private Lesson (JUNIOR TRAINER 30 minutes of ride time): $40

  • Package of 10 (Adult): $600

  • Package of 10 (JUNIOR TRAINER 30 minutes of ride time): $350

  • Current students' private lessons: $55

  • Current Group Lesson Student Private: $60

  • Starter package $300 = 1 private / 4 group

  • One Single Group Lesson: $60

  • 10-Pack Group Lesson: $500

  • 20-Pack Group Lesson: $900 

  • Annual Lesson Group (1 lesson per week): $1750 (averaging 50 a year). You keep track of lessons, PLP keeps track of the annual expiration date only.

  • Annual Lesson Group (2 lessons per week): $2700. This plan is estimated to be 90 lessons, as families have vacations and holidays. Averages about $30/lesson knowing you will miss up to 14 lessons.

    • The annual plan does not include Private lessons.

  • FAMILY PLAN – this plan is made for multiple siblings, parents that also ride, and/or training your horse that is boarded here. The cost is $2880 for 90 sessions. This plan expires in one year. Sessions are not carried over or refunded at the end of the year. Everyone has used all their sessions, so honestly, it has never been an issue. 

    • MUST take lessons year-round

    • Must have at least 2 family members in lessons

  • Full lease is $290/month and hoof care coverage (leased horse will still be used in lesson) - minimum of 6 months!

  • Half lease is $175/month and half hoof care (leased horse will still be used in lesson) 


Beginning March 2023

  • Full lease will be $390/month - full hoof care

  • Half lease will be $250/month - half hoof care


*All prices subject to change.


Please call the farm to verify the current prices at 651-245-6900.

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