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Horse Shows 2023

This is a list of potential horse shows. If you are interested in attending any of these shows, talk to Cheri and she will give you all of the information.

Horse Shows: List

Horse Shows 2023

May 6

May 7

May 13-14

May 28

Dressage Show

Fuzzy Wuzzy Horse Show

Red Pine Series

Red Pine Series

Horse Country Hills

Western Games, Baldwin, WI

Red Pine Carriage House, Hugo, MN - Hunter/Jumper

3 Ring Circus, Carriage House, Hugo, MN - Hunter/Jumper/Dressage

June 9-10

June 23-25

Pine Lake Pasture Show

Red Pine Series


Golden Gate Equestrian Center, Jordan MN

July 23

July 28-30

Red Pine Series

Red Pine Series

Stonegate Farm, Stillwater, MN - Dressage

Stonegate Farm, Stillwater, MN - Hunter/Jumper

August 26-27

Red Pine Series

Location tbd - Hunter/Jumper

September 1-2

September 23-24

Pine Lake Pasture Show

Red Pine Series Finals

Pine Lake Pasture, Baldwin, WI - Gaming/Dressage/Hunter/Jumper

Otter Creek Farm, Wheeler, WI - Hunter/Jumper (Finals)

October 7-8

Pine Lake Pasture Show

Final Show Pine Lake Pasture - Gaming/Dressage/Hunter/Jumper

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