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Summer 2022

It has been a minute since I have had time to post. The summer is underway with day camps during the week and horse shows on the weekends. Some days feel as if the farm is swirling with activity, then peaceful evenings set in with crickets chirping and soft knickers from the horses. The moon rises in the distance and a long breathe is realized knowing God is here, He is in control and all is well.

We came home from a beautiful facility this weekend and even being there - I felt so blessed. Not an ounce of envy went thru me, mearly gratitude that somehow I could be apart of this very caring community.

I am very proud of ALL of our riders this weekend. We really do make a presence where ever we go.

I believe Petey and Stormie have hit the 40's as far as Championships go! This weekend was no exception with Mariah and Cassie soaring over incredible obstacles cut out as rubics cubes and dominos.

There are so many highlights this summer including our newest addition Moonshine just under one month old. Congrats to Scarlett and Scotch!

We have half day camp next week and overnight camp close after that.

I will touch back when Phelea has her baby!

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