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Self reflection

"Why won't this horse.. . ? "

Turn, stop, stay on the rail... you name it- it's been asked.

Now, it's my turn to ask riders- "what could your part be in this problem?"

Self Reflection is an emotionally intelligent way to ride and train horses.

When things are not going as smoothly as you would like them to- ask yourself:

✔️ are you double cueing?

✔️ are you looking down? Where are your eyes?

✔️ are your hands ✋️ in the proper position?

✔️ do you have more pressure on one side or the other?

✔️ are you leaning too far forward or too far back?

Now for some more internal questions?

✔️ are you anxious, or nervous?

✔️ what is your heartrate at the moment?

I can tell you numerous stories where a rider's heart rate increased and the horse responded by speeding up or acting nervous. If you suspect this is happening during your ride, wear a heart rate monitor and learn to regulate your breathing and heart rate.

Ways to regulate your body may begin with breathing, consciously relaxing your shoulders, knees, and seat. I have several exercises that I'm excited to bring to those that want to feel more confident in a horse and get the results they are asking the horse to do.

By the way, practicing to self reflect may begin with the horse, but its also works wonders in your personal relationships also! 😉

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