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RPHSA stands for Red Pine Horse Show Association. This past summer we, PINE LAKE PASTURES, joined together with RPHSA to compete in Hunter and Jumper classes cross MN and WI with several other Hunter/Jumper barns. We met some wonderful trainers and riders, made great friends, and saw some beautiful barns.

I am very proud of all of our riders and all the horses: new riders competing for the first time, young riders on big thoroughbreds, seasoned riders on young 4 yr old horses, and of course seasoned horses - competing for the final time. (tears)

I will highlight that our rider/horse combos did great this and won awards! The awards start with Champion, Reserve, 2nd- 6

th. These results are calculated through points/scores accumulated throughout the summer.


*.85 Jumper Adult OVERALL : Mariah Anderson/Petey RESERVE CHAMPION

.85 Children's JUMPER OVERALL: Kyla Olson/Hector 6th place

*HTAP JUMPER OVERALL: Mariah Anderson/Petey 3rd PLACE

*.75 Children's JUMPER OVERALL: Cassie Gulich/Stormie GRAND CHAMPION

*HTAP HUNTER DIVISION OVERALL: Chloe De LaForest/Houston 5th Place

For our first full year competing, that is an outstanding record! I have moments when riders were in the ring, that didn't place, that I thought WOW!I am sooo proud of them, that was a fantastic ride!! Keep in mind, we are always just competing against ourselves and our last ride- trying to improve each time. As my vet told me once, when I was bragging about riders, don't get too excited about winning or you may disappoint yourself for the future. GOOD ADVICE! I am proud of each and every participant that showed this summer! Each rider achieved success!

Thank you to parents, show dads, show moms and of course show grandparents, for all the help and support and for all the fun memories.

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