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Goals - It all begins with a ladder...

We are half way through 2022 and it is never too late to establish a goal. If you create too high of a goal it may be difficult to see how to achieve the desired result. So, set small goals to obtain along the way.

My granddaughter's Tai Kwon Do class has a LIFE SKILL discussion at each lesson. This week's life skill was on setting goals. What does a life skill have to do with a martial art? EVERYTHING!

We at Pine Lake Pastures have the same method of teaching. We are here to teach you how to safely ride a horse, but our lessons expand so much further and definitely reach into teaching life skills: breathing techniques, conquering fears, setting a vision for the future, looking outside the box to find resources, building confidence, being a team player and the list goes on.

When you want to reach for something high above your head, you could jump and try to reach it or you can seek out a ladder and climb it one rung at a time. One small step to achieve the final goal. What are your riding goals? What are the small steps needed to get you to your destination? There is no condemnation in sharing a dream- nothing is too big or too small.

Share with your instructor what your goal is for the rest of this year and let us help you build your ladder of success.

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