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Themed lessons are not always about riding. Each week, I try to introduce a topic, riding skill, or life lesson. A weekly topic may be as as easy as a one rein stop, or holding a bit in your hands with your reins that is the same size as the one in your horse's mouth.

This week and for a few weeks to come- our topic is communicating with parents, peers, and horses.

Your child is learning this week:

Step 1) when a parent or peer makes a statement, ask them 1-3 questions. (Where, what, why, when, how)

Peer: I had fun at lessons today.

You: what did you enjoy about it?

Step 2) when a parent asks how did lessons go? Try to give a sentence, not a one word answer. Instead of "good", try to elaborate.

you:"We are pulling random horses out of a bowl that are suitable for our level of riding. It challenges me to ride different horses and I liked it."

Step 3) comminucate with horses using our body, reins, legs etc.

We will go indepth about how we don't want to brag about our riding skills, always remaining humble, lifting others up and continuing to be coachable. Regarding horses, we will emphasize releases as a reward, and how frustration can be felt thru hands and seat.

See you at the lesson!


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