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August Show - Thank you to everyone!

SMILES! If I could describe our August show in one word, it would be smiles. Everyone had such a fabulous time! Thank you to all the participants, volunteers, cooks, and of course- PARENTS!

Saturday was English with Dressage, then Hunter, and lastly Jumper. Congrats to Yuri and Houston as our Champions and Christina De Hoogh as Reserve Champion in Dressage.

Ground Poles to 2ft divisions were open to all competitors on Saturday.

Caitlin Sparer on Winnie and Grace DeLaney on Paisley.

Sunday was our gaming show with lots of laughs and extra classes!

Congratulations to Yuri on Stormie for championship, and Drue Reiter on Jasper for Reserve Championship in gaming.

Our next show is Oct 7 and 8th. Saturday is English and Sunday will be Games. There will be a costume contest as well! Plan to come spend the day in Baldwin, After Saturday's show - run up to Restyle for their Oct Midwest Market- lots of activities and family fun! Feel Free to board your horse overnight, and camp out on our grounds.

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