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Christmas IDEAS for the Equestrian

Shop Small Business Friday is coming up this weekend- Here are some gift ideas for the equestrian in your life!

*PRIVATE LESSON- Current students always benefit from a private lesson whether they use it now or in the spring just before show season, in a private lesson we can focus on the areas that they need it the most. I have gift certificates available.

*NEW STUDENT PACKAGE- 1 private and 4 group lessons for $300.

*LEASE A HORSE- there are several horses available for lease- message me for more information.

*MOONSHINE- That adorable and well trained colt is up for sale- what a great Christmas present under the tree! :)

*How about Show or Winter season necessities: For stocking stuffers, extra hair nets, gloves, smart wool/Darn wool socks, hand warmers.

*Specifically for SHOW SEASON: hay bag, boot bag, sweats to cover up riding breeches and keep them clean, a new show coat, a travel grooming kit, a new helmet- send me questions and I can let you know if it would work for show season. :)

ALSO, if you are thinking of ideas for the barn for Christmas- we need first aid kit fillers, cotton rolls, vet wrap, any and everything for a first aid kit- our supplies are low at the moment. Bridle: we need one for Paisley (horse size). Magnesium Sulfate/Calcium Sulfate to keep dust down in the barns (a pallet is $1250)and finally gift certificates or money toward our outstand vet bill before spring comes!

Hope these ideas help reduce the stress of shopping this Christmas season. Support your local small business/barn.

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