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Women's Enlightment Camp

Join us again at Pine Lake Pastures for a week, or weekend of tranquility, strength, endurance and fun. We are offering several new camps this summer for women. The dates are tentative so let us know what you are interested in! We have a lot of ideas to help you shine this summer!

Mother / Daughter Camp May 7th-May 9th $450 mother/daughter combo each additional daughter is $45. Bonding with horses and family is the ultimate gift for a mom. We will be doing drum circle and meditation, riding and ground work. Friday 11am-Sunday 9am. Mom will be catered to for the entire weekend.

3 Day Women's Horse Retreat May 21-23 $450 Arrive on Friday for a full weekend of camping at the farm, horse back riding 101, Different types of Ground work, Yoga, walks in nature and lake time. We will have energy and connection time, honoring the land.

Women's Health Retreat June 10-13th $550 Check in Friday noon to Sunday 3pm. Let us gather together for 3 days of encouragement and building inner strength. Our theme will be cleansing. Each Morning we will juice and begin with an energetic yoga. We will offer hikes, and riding lessons throughout the day. We will do energy work with horses and exercises on horses. Exercises can be modified to suit you needs. Campfires at night and healthy meals provided throughout the day.

Let's Go Deeper Spiritual Retreat July 9th -11th Friday 2pm-Sunday 9am $500 This will be focused more for individuals longing to go deeper. Searching themselves, seeking answers or wanting to connect more with their horse or friendships. This weekend will be sure to open your eyes and heart to see things in a new peaceful way.

Trail ride

energy and connecting work

Breathing and meditation on the horse

campfires times with guided discussions

Ground work Connecting with the horse on a deeper level

4-5 Day Women's Most Amazing Adventure Retreat $1175 (must have taken 4-5 lessons or attended a previous women's camp) The highlights of this camp will be camping outside of the farm at a trail location. Day 1: meet at farm, ground work and energy work with horses, riding and getting to know your mount This can include exercising on your horse, doing tricks on horse back- building your confidence

Day 2: Pack up and head to our campsite. set up camp and go on a trailride,campfire and drum circle at night.

Day 3: An adventure in kundalini yoga or dance, hiking and trailing riding throughout the day. Trail meals provided.

Day 4: Encouraging you and your horse to connect on a deeper level. Medatitation prior to a trail ride. Swim time and campfire in the evening

Day 5: pack up tents and horses and head back to the ranch.

SAVE THE DATES- Registration will open December 30th. Camps typically fill up within a day.


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