Riding Lessons

 We have indoor arenas available for inclement weather.

Pine Lake Pastures offers several different disciplines for riding.

GYMKHANA: Our classes incorporate several different learning styles that will help you in multiple disciplines. We have won numerous awards including high point and  championships in Gymkhana. We work on pole weaving/bending, barrel racing, speed dash, LT Special, Flag Race, 4 in line, ribbon race, and more.

HUNTER/JUMPER: Specializing in Hunter/Jumper will allow students to have a balanced safe seat in all disciplines. Whether you want to trail ride and jump a log on the trail or go to the A Rated Shows, we can help you prepare to meet your goals.

DRESSAGE: All the horses at Pine Lake Pastures are trained with traditional Dressage. They collect, move laterally, some more advanced horses are trained up to Level 3. We believe every student is better equipped at riding and training their own mount when they understand the basics of Dressage.

TRAIL/CASUAL:I just want to exercise and go on trail rides.” Perfect! We are the barn for you. Our family friendly environment is perfect for the casual rider that wants to learn in a safe warm inviting environment. From our family potlucks, to our campfires to our easy going trial rides… You’ve come to the right barn. \

I OWN A HORSE: “I own a horse and I didn’t know what I got myself into. ” You can trailer your horse in or learn on one of our lessons horses. I can help you know your horse better, and  train your horse with you.

TAUGHT BY Cheri Morton- instructor, owner of Pine Lake Pastures 

 Starter Package 1 private and 4 group lessons $250
 Single lesson/private
 Single lesson/group
 Annual 2 lessons a week (group) $2200
 Annual 1 lesson a week (group) $1600
 Family Plan – 90 lessons $2,300
 Group lesson 10 pack
 Single lesson 10 pack $575
  • BEGINNER LESSONS: 5-adult; learn basic riding skills that will help you learn balanced riding, reading the horse’s behavior, saddling, grooming and basic horse ownership. See below in the achievement testing for items learned during class.
  • INTERMEDIATE LESSONS: learn more advanced skills in reading your horse, and balanced riding. Posting without stirrups using correct leg muscles (not your knees) learn collection of horse, canter, games on horseback, and beginning jumping.
  • ADVANCED LESSONS: Building muscles, skills, knowledge of horse and riding, these lessons will also start out with muscle building routine and then end the lesson with jumping.

Training 101: Cheri will come to your location to help you train your horse. She and you will be at times riding or ground training. Training fees vary for location of horse, and amount of training needed. Evaluation fee is $50

Training /breaking 102: Pine Lake Pastures offers training and breaking of young horses. Please call or email to inquire if space is available on their farm. In some circumstances training can work at your farm as well. Pricing is same as above.

Beginning Horsemanship: This class is for the family who has purchased a horse or horses, and needs more information on how to care for it. Content of lessons will vary on student´s knowledge.

Traveling Instructor: Several barns, Pony Clubs, and 4H groups have hired Cheri to come and teach as a substitute teacher or at a clinic. Email for information regarding this service.


FOR THE VERY YOUNG BEGINNER– taught by  Hannah Morton or Mookie Morton

3-7 Yr old INTRO TO HORSE/SAFETY CLASS: 60 minute lesson: includes horse saftey, grooming, saddling, and light walking, fun and interesting class. Instructors are fun and great with children. They have much horse sense, and can teach your child the necessities to someday owning a horse. $20/hour.

  • INTRO HORSE/MORE RIDING/SAFETY CLASS: 60 min lesson. This class includes more riding, and student will learn more advanced riding skills and play games. This is great preparation for moving into more advanced group lessons.