PLP Banquet Voting & Christmas Party *PLEASE READ*

The time has come.


The time has come for us to vote for our annual PLP Awards Banquet. In the attached link, please nominate the rider who you think best fits the award. If you also think of an award that we haven’t listed,  you can enter it in the last question as we have space for missed awards. Just vote one rider for one award, and please add examples if you can think of them! Please have your nominations in by Christmas as we are thinking of having the banquet in early January. There is more explaining on the top of the form. Please nominate!


PLP Awards Banquet Voting Form


About the Banquet

For those of you who are new to the farm or haven’t been to a PLP banquet, it is quite fun! It is a potluck style event where we look over everything we have accomplished as a barn the past year. The awards ceremony works like the Oscars, riders are voted in to win an award. We will have an RSVP sent out and explained in a later post. The details are vague right now and we will explain in another post as we near the banquet date, but if you have any questions please contact Cheri.


About the Christmas Party

Please note that the Christmas Party and the Banquet are two different events at two different dates. The Christmas party will be held Friday December 7th at 6:30 to 9. We will have it as a potluck style, so please bring a dish to pass. Also, we will have the roll-a-dice and get a gift game (which can be explained at the party), so please bring gifts, which do not need to be expensive. If you have questions please contact Cheri.

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