First Show- Fuzzy Wuzzy 2019

We had a lot of fun at St Croix Riders Fuzzy Wuzzy Show yesterday! We had a lot of first time show riders and horses. All did so incredibly well.

*Aria Tarras with new gaming horse Belle (her first show) worked the patterns and did awesome!!

*Kayci Ellefson with Jackson (their first time showing together) Kayci’s hard work and extra practice time this winter paid off- this pair placed in the top three in several games!

*Kenzie Korent on Stormie- A seasoned fast pair that won a lot of first places yesterday and placed in the top two every time.

*Tori Ellefson on Levi (his first show off the track) had a ton. Tori kept it together in the beginning when her horse was nervous and pulled through the day with several ribbons!

*Sophie Tellijohn on selah (first show for rider) even did a rescue race with her sister!! They had a blast and won a lot of ribbons.

*Eden Perry on Outlaw was all smiles as she successfully finished each class and won ribbons. She rode and controlled her horse so well.

*Kaitlyn Tellijohn on Chloe (first show outside of farm) had complete control with each course and made a fantastic impression while also placing in the ribbons.

*Lexi Brenner on her horse Chance -(Lexi’s first show outside of the farm) Lexi’s determination and Velcro bottom, helped to rock the peewee division and bring home the blues!

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