Farm Rules

Students should wear heeled shoes during lesson. Helmets are available here but you may want to bring your own. Riding equipment is also available here.

Parents are not required to stay for lesson of child, but children of adults do need to be supervised during an adult lessons. Please arrange with us or someone to watch your children while you ride.

Please inform everyone attending farm of the below rules:

  1. Please do not stand on gates or fences
  2. Please do not chase chickens,
  3. Animals of any kind can cause injury you so show caution with all animals
  4. No going in pastures without permission
  5. If you open a gate, close it
  6. No chewing gum while riding, too dangerous
  7. Jewelry and other dangling attire should be removed prior to lesson
  8. Parents are responsible to tack up horses for children too small or young to do so themselves. IF your child is too young, or small- make arranges with instructor if you cannot attend lesson, or do not know how to tack up horse. There is typically an additional charge for this service.