Pine Lake Pastures is a business.

24 hour notice is required for all cancellations otherwise, lessons will be charged as usual.

NO LESSONS/Therapy JUNE 9th! See you at Baldwin’s June bug Days!

Text or call 651-245-6900 THANK YOU!


  • If it’s 95° or above, class will be cancelled.
  • Lighting or severe thunder, class will be cancelled.
  • Mild showers,
    class will not be cancelled.


  • 30ish degrees and raining classes are usually cancelled
  • This inclement weather is difficult on the horses backs.


  • If the windchill is under 10°,
    then no riding
  • Typically we ride if the weather is above 20° with no windchill
  • Ice creates problems so if it rains and the temperature drops,then no riding
  • Call with questions