Winnie- For Sale


  • Age: 9
  • Breed: Percheron and Standardbred
  • Color:  Bay/Black
  • Gender: Mare Height: 15.3
  • Lease option: available
  • For Sale: $5000

Winnie came to us Dec. 2004 as a baby, just weaned from her mother. We believe she was approximately 6 months old. She was rescued by a kind hearted woman whom of which bid on her at the auction where a “meat” bidder was bidding on Winnie. We paid a little over what the woman paid for her and adopted Winnie. The woman told us we woundn’t be able to catch her but… within 4 days Winnie warmed up to us. Most people imprint at birth but I decided to give it a try at 6 months. Winnie did well with all the training and time we gave her. At just over a year I started working with her on the Parrelli method utilizing his 7 games and ground training techniques. Winnie has become Cheri’s horse- can be used in lessons but spooks easily in arena. She jumps up to 3’6 and has cleared 5′. Learning and competing in dressage. So much potential!

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  1. cylar johnson says:

    should i ride winnie today at the lesson?

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