• Age: 12
  • Breed: Registered Quarter Horse
  • Color: Chestnut
  • Gender:
  • Height: 15.0
  • Sold


 Slider is one of my favorite horse at the farm. He is a good strong horse that is consistantly  jumping 3′ but can go 4ft.. Great Lesson horse and teaches the kids how to jump. Starting Dressage and collects nicely for the advanced rider. He will turn on fore, haunches in, shoulders in, side pass. He is head of the herd at Pine Lake Pastures.  He stands well for trimmer, takes shots, goes thru water- excellent on trails, would make a good Drill team horse. Half-brother to Rusty.

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  1. mary jo prokupek says:

    Hi cheri its mj i was just wondring how slider is doing and if i could ride him during the augest 11 summer camp i am super exited

  2. mary jo prokupek says:

    Thank u so much i cant wait i am so exited pine lake pastures is so much fun i have learend so much feom u guys thank you.

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