• Name: Diamond
  • Age: 24
  • Breed: Quarter horse
  • Height: 15
  • Therapy: Yes
  • Available for Lease : NOT for sale

Diamond is one of our most valuable horses. He is a great lesson horse. Some describe him as a “been there , done that” type of horse. He is loved and considered part of the family here at Pine Lake Pastures.

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  1. Rachel says:

    I trust him 99.5 %, the other % he gets to be a horse. I absolutely love him!

  2. Deb Trauley says:

    He looks and sounds terrific–true to his name. What a handsome boy. Sounds and looks a lot like a horse I rode every day and loved at Girl Scout Camp, a tall Chestnut gelding called “Chester.” (Camp Thunderbird near Delta, Wisconsin a looooooooong time ago…)

    I am moving back to Wisconsin from North Carolina in May, and want to take more riding lessons with the hope of being advanced enough to lease a horse like this– for pleasure riding mainly–I am not really into competing– but possibly (eventually) might want to own my own horse. It’s been a life long dream.

    I work (volunteer) at a therapeutic riding program down here called “Horses for Hope.” I will be in touch. I heard about your program, Cherie, through a grief counselor in Baldwin who goes to church with you! Kathleen Helgeson.

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