Dutchess Age 13 Shetland Pony Therapy: Yes Lease: Available Dutchess is a sweet little pony that all the kids love. She is a great size for a lot of our tiny riders. She is used in therapy and lead line lessons, but can also be ridden by riders on their own. She was shown in games […] Read more »


Name: Diamond Age: 24 Breed: Quarter horse Height: 15 Therapy: Yes Available for Lease : NOT for sale Diamond is one of our most valuable horses. He is a great lesson horse. Some describe him as a “been there , done that” type of horse. He is loved and considered part of the family here at Pine Lake Pastures. Read more »


Name: Chance Age: 8 Height: 14.2 Color: Grulla Pinto Breed: American Mustang Lease: Gymkhana ridden by Mookie Morton/Lesson horse at the farm Chance is used in lessons for hunter/Jumper and rides competively in Gymkhana. He is talented in moving off leg and figuring out what you are looking for in a ride.  Gorgeous and super smart! Chance […] Read more »



  • Breed: POA/Arab
  • Color: palomino
  • Height: 14 hands
  • Sex: Mare
  • Age: 7
  • Therapy horse: Beginning to use
  • LEASE: Potential
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  • Age: 5
  • Birthdate: Sept 06
  • Breed: Baskir Curly
  • Color: Tri
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Height: should mature at 14.3
  • CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL!!  Pictured above
  • Therapy Horse: YES! single rider, Toby is very very calm. perfect.
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Age: 12 Breed: Registered Quarter Horse Color: Chestnut Gender: Height: 15.0 Sold    Slider is one of my favorite horse at the farm. He is a good strong horse that is consistantly  jumping 3′ but can go 4ft.. Great Lesson horse and teaches the kids how to jump. Starting Dressage and collects nicely for the advanced […] Read more »

Lucky Dreamer aka Peanut

lucky dreamer

Age: 9          Born July 2006 Breed: American Shetland Pony Color: Chestnut Gender:Gelding Height: 12.2 SALE PRICE $1800.00 Lease: Available Lucky Dreamer was at a county fair. He was weaned a bit early so when we purchased him, we put him back on a bottle with supplemental milk. 2007 update- Peanut is […] Read more »